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      Hengfei teach you to choose die-cutting machine to pay attention to seven

      SOURCE: tangyazhongSENTIMENT:Published time:2019-07-05

      Buyers choose to buy the die - cutting machine, that is, to see seven. These seven points, both buyers to pay attention to, but also die cutting machine in manufacturing equipment to effectively solve the problem. Now hengfei teaches you how to control the seven look;

      A look at the processing quality and assembly precision of each part of the equipment. Limited by the technical level of domestic machinery manufacturing industry, many parts of die - cutting machine rough processing. For example, the matching and manufacturing accuracy between the intermittent mechanism and the main drive system and chain directly affects the machine speed. Another example is the unreasonable determination of the clearance between the elbow pressure mechanism and the moving platform, which will cause vibration and affect the speed and accuracy.

      Second, the paper speed and positioning mechanism. At present, the popular way is continuous feed paper, that is, before and after the paper always have a part of the overlap. This way is smooth and fast, but the fast movement of the paper on the positioning of the front gauge produced a great impact, paper force after curling or bouncing, resulting in inaccurate positioning. Ideal die - cutting machine should ensure the speed of die - cutting at the same time, the paper on the table as low as possible.

      Three see intermittent mechanism, chain and feed paper teeth. Flattening die cutting machine with equal indexing CAM mechanism, CAM shape is a key. Chain tightness to moderate, too tight or too loose will affect the precision of die cutting. Flat die cutting machine paper teeth are more solid, but at high speed or easy deformation, rapid stop inertia. Good tooth row hardness and light, moderate size of Angle and pressure.

      Four look at the chain guide. Guide rail plays a role in positioning and controlling the direction of the chain. Guide rail thickness should be appropriate, can be embedded in the chain. The distance between the upper and lower guide rail must ensure the smooth passage of the chain, too small to increase the transmission resistance; Too big a chain jumps easily. The track of the guide rail and the length of the chain also have a certain impact on the performance of the machine.

      Five look at the transmission system. At present, the main drive is driven by the motor worm and worm wheel. Most of the worm gear is oblique teeth, it should be noted that when the worm gear and worm meshing in the degree circle, the size of the side gap between the tooth and tooth is appropriate. The side clearance is too large, the worm gear transmission is not smooth; Too small side clearance is not conducive to the flow of lubricating oil. There is a pressure Angle regardless of impact on transmission stability.

      Six look at pressure agencies. Die - cutting machine is the most important device is the pressure mechanism. The most common two-toggle mechanism, which rotates the crank once, allows the mobile platform to reach the maximum limit position twice. In order to ensure the quality of die cutting, the pressure of the whole platform should be uniform. Therefore, the working face of the upper and lower platforms must be parallel. If the design disregards resulting in uneven pressure, empty travel is too large.

      Seven see die - cutting, die - cutting knife and rubber strip. These three are the basic parts of die - cutting, their quality is directly related to die - cutting quality. Plate material requirements of uniform density, light quality, high hardness, flexible good, easy to process, flat, strong, knife line embedded after stable and can be replaced for many times. The blade should be sharp, the height error of the whole knife and the small curved big knife. The hardness of the rubber strip should be moderate, can not squeeze the edge of the knife, can not rebound the spring is insufficient.

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