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      Fly teach you how to die - cutting indentation technology common technical probl

      SOURCE: tangyazhongSENTIMENT:Published time:2019-07-05

      As people on the packaging requirements for more and more high die-cutting indentation technology level is bound to increase. As an important process in the surface finishing of post-press packaging, die cutting indentation technology is a necessary means of processing which affects the aesthetic degree of packaging boxes. The following in view of die - cutting indentation processing process common problems, talk about its solution.

      1, die cutting precision is not good or die cutting indentation position is not accurate die cutting indentation line position and printing product position is not consistent,

      The reasons for this failure are as follows:

      (1) die cutting knife version of its production process error, can not absolutely reach the ideal die cutting indentation position.

      Now die - cutting knife plate production methods mainly manual plate and laser plate two. Laser plate-making precision is relatively high, the design and cutting are completed by the computer and machinery, suitable for making high-end packaging die cutting; Manual plate-making mode to the plate-maker's technical level requirements, plate-making fine to the plate-maker's technical level and experience and other factors, suitable for the accuracy of the short version of packaging. Therefore, in order to get a good die-cutting precision, we must choose advanced plate making.

      (2) cardboard mouth rules are different.

      Die cutting machine itself will produce precision error, there is no error of the die cutting machine, to improve the precision of die cutting indentation, we must choose high precision die cutting machine. Such as cardboard in its mouth size error. Then it may be the die cutting machine after positioning (also known as secondary positioning) toggle distance is too small, can be adjusted after positioning, after increasing the toggle distance to solve.

      (3) die-cutting indentation and printing position is not on.

      The solution is to according to the requirements of the product, re-calibration of die-cutting plate, set printing and die-cutting indentation grid. In addition, you can adjust the paper transport side positioning rules or before the positioning rules to correct, so that die-cutting indentation line and printing grid alignment.

      (4) in addition, die cutting indentation and printing working environment will cause cardboard fiber deformation or stretch, will also produce die cutting indentation grid is not accurate.

      The solution is to try to ensure that die cutting indentation and printing in the same working environment or ensure the identity of the working environment (that is, the same temperature, humidity, etc.).

      2, indentation line is not clear "dark or Fried line" "dark" refers to the indentation line should not be; "Blast line" is due to die cutting indentation pressure is too large, more than the cardboard fiber bearing limit, so that the cardboard fiber fracture or partial fracture.

      The causes of failure are as follows:

      (1) indentation line and indentation die selection is not appropriate, according to the following method to choose indentation die model and indentation line height, in the die cutting board: indentation die groove = paper thickness indentation die groove width =1.5 times paper thickness 10 indentation line thickness indentation line height = die cutting knife height (paper thickness ±0. 05m m) in the die cutting corrugated: the groove depth of the indentation die = the groove width of the indentation die =2 times the paper thickness of corrugated 10 indentation line the height of the indentation line = the die cutting knife height of the corrugated press in real time the paper thickness

      (2) improper pressure adjustment of the molding press, too large or too small. The solution is die - cutting pressure regulating mechanism, the appropriate adjustment of die - cutting pressure.

      (3) the thickness of fixed backing paste paper is not accurate. Pad too low or too high. The adjustment method is to repad the paper.

      (4) paper too bad or paper moisture content is too low to increase the paper brittleness, toughness decreases will also produce blasting line, can be solved by increasing the ambient temperature.

      3. Irregular indentation line causes this fault:

      (1) indentation die groove width selection is not suitable, according to the above method to re-select indentation die groove width.

      (2) die cutting knife version of the seam is too wide, indentation line in die cutting indentation under the pressure of twisting, eliminate method is to replace the knife version, use qualified die cutting indentation knife version.

      4, folding pasting box, cardboard crease crack at folding pasting box, such as cardboard indentation line outside crack, the reason is that the indentation line is too deep or indentation mold width is not enough; If the board inside crack, die - cutting indentation pressure is too large, so that the paper fiber fracture. The solution is to reduce the pressure of die - cutting machine, use a slightly lower height indentation line. Or according to the thickness of the board indentation line will be widened.

      5, die cutting board adhesion knife version die cutting board adhesion knife version, also known as "paste version",

      The causes of this failure are:

      (1) die cutting knife around the paste of thin rubber or rubber strip hardness is small, resulting in insufficient resilience. According to the distribution of die cutting knife, the appropriate selection of different hardness of the rubber strip;

      (2) the edge of the steel blade is not sharp, the paper thickness is too large, causing clamping or die cutting stick knife. The solution is to replace the die - cutting knife.

      6, die cutting loose plate die cutting caused by loose plate mainly with plate making process and pop rubber (or sponge). The reasons for failure are as follows:

      (1) die cutting connect point, connect point. If the shape of the live parts is complex or arranged live parts, and die cutting with little, with little, it is easy to cause the die cutting. The solution is to increase the number of connections appropriately. In addition, plate-making should be printed length direction and paper transmission direction to maintain the same.

      (2) die - cutting version of the paste on the paper strip hardness. Sponge is too soft, you can not make the paper away from the die - cutting knife or indentation line, so the resulting loose plate. The solution is to change the hardness, good elasticity of high quality sponge.

      7, die cutting work in the process of excessive paper wool and paper dust appear paper wool and paper dust for the following reasons:

      (1) die cutting edge is not sharp. The reason is the quality of die cutting knife; Die - cutting knife specification is not reasonable. Elimination method is based on different materials of die-cutting board, choose different specifications of high quality die-cutting knife, improve its die-cutting adaptability.

      (2) die cutting knife edge wear. Often check the blade and wear, wear after the timely replacement of die - cutting knife.

      (3) die cutting knife and sponge rubber strip selection or installation is not standard. Because the sponge rubber strip should have enough hardness to press the paper, so that the die cutting knife will cut the paper smoothly, different paper should choose different hardness of the sponge rubber strip. The installation position of the sponge strip should be at least 1mm away from both sides of the die cutting tool body, not too far away. If the size of the distance, die-cutting knife on both sides of the sponge rubber in compression, can only be from the die-cutting knife side expansion. At this point, the paper is not completely die - cutting knife. And be pulled by sponge rubber, so can produce fuzz and paper dust. In addition, on the entire template, the amount of sponge gum, hardness and height. Should be balanced distribution in each position, the balance of the knife on both sides should also be appropriate layout of sponge rubber. With the development of packaging and printing technology, brightly colored, generous design, clear lines, smooth, no explosion line, no explosion color, no fuzz and no paper dust, the packaging will be more practical, quality will be more elegant.

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